I am exhausted and I haven't even gotten close to being through!  Fantastic new though:  6 testers are going out tomorrow for my new OS pattern.  Yay!  I am working on the inserts for them now.  AND, my Facebook page just hit 200 likes!!  Wow!  I would like to thank all of you for visiting and commenting on my work.  I hope to see you here on my site soon too.  Let me know if you are interested in something in particular and I will see what we can work out. 

In honor of the Facebook rally, I will sponsor a raffle on a hybrid fitted diaper.  There will be a choice of two diapers, both of which are currently listed in the Fitteds section.  "Glitterbugz" and "Avengers" are the choices.  Good luck to all who enter!


The Pirate Skulls looks really cute. I think I would use it as part of my little guy's Halloween costume.

09/27/2012 4:40pm

I like the wild thing diaper it is so bright and colorful

Britni Bradford
09/27/2012 9:22pm

You know I'm in love with Glitterbugz. Fingers crossed!!!

Olivia L
09/28/2012 2:29am

I love the Turquoise Karma because it's sparkly AND ruffly!

Olivia L
09/28/2012 2:38am

I left my comment on the review post: "I never thought about using fleece in the diaper itself and dispensing with the soaker. What a neat idea!"

Chrys B
09/28/2012 7:15am

The Glitterbugs is cute!

09/28/2012 8:20pm

I love the Tigger AI2 because it's super cute and looks very comfortable!

Jessie Wermager
09/28/2012 8:34pm

I really like the flower power fitted fleece because I like how soft fleece is and the print is adorable.

April Kennedy
09/28/2012 8:35pm

I think I would love bamboo velour topped soakers! They sound like great diapers!


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