It feels like this has been the longest weekend and we haven't even made it through the holiday yet.  What plans have you made for the Labor Day weekend?  We had our annual family reunion from my dad's side of the family.  As usual, lots of family, and LOTS of food.  My daughter was born the Friday after our last reunion so this was her first experience.  All the noise, the kids, were very overwhelming for her.  But soon enough she was running through the room chasing everyone around.

I had a little time to sew today as well.  I ended up finishing two really great diapers.  The first is a blaze orange and camo AI2 with a suedecloth inner. On my last visit to Hancocks I really wanted to give that combination a try, but my 14 yo son talked me out of it.  Ha ha son!  I did it anyway!

The second is by request.  It is a fleece diaper with an image of Thor on the backside.  Golden yellow fleece paired with the fleece panel make for a cute fleece diaper.  I hope that the interested party likes it enought to want to take it home!

Well, that's all f

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