It's that time of the year again.  Leaves are turning and falling and so are the temperatures.  Cool snaps are coming more often.  It's time to drag out the winter clothes, see what still fits, and shop for what doesn't.  Pull out the galoshes, rubber boots, slickers and rain hats. With my little girl growing as fast as she is, I can't keep up with clothes.  I have recently found a few websites where I have gotten some neat patterns for little fleece pants.  She now has camo, grey, and red.  They are extremely simple, and awesomely cute.  Easy to alter to fit over cloth diapers and lightweight enough to not be bulky in a carseat.  You can even add extra layers if you want thicker, warmer pants.  Do you sew for your kids? If you do, what are some of your favorite sites and patterns that you use?  Share the knowlege here and maybe a few pics as well!

Check out these websites if you would like to sew your own fleece pants:   and

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