We are fighting the crud around our house, as I am sure many of you are as well. I don't take the flu shot, hate needles with a passion.  And the one time I did take the shot, I got the flu.....horribly.  After Mackenzie's one year checkup and getting 5 shots, I also chose not to schedule her for one either.  I just can't put her through that.

With the onset of fall and cooler weather, we also have to contend with "big butt syndrome".   Any of your mamas who are using cloth diapers understand the problem.  Many times the choice of cloth diapers forces us to buy clothing for our little ones that is bigger than what they would normally wear to accomodate the diapers.  Diapers are evolving though.  Many of the AI2 styles now fit much better, using fabrics that are very trim.  I am a big fan of wicking jersey and suedecloth.  Wonderful fabric choices for the inners of our AI2 and pocket diapers.  What are your favorites?  Why? Please complete the poll below to help me make better diapers available.

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