Becoming a parent is a wonderful experience.  Whether you are a first time mom, or have experienced the joy many times over, it is still a moment to be treasured.  Giving birth and holding your child for the first time, looking into those bright little eyes, you feel as if the world has stopped and you are the only two people in the world.  You can't imagine loving someone as much as you do that little person in your arms.  Then reality suddenly slaps you in the face.  After some of the new wears off and you try to settle into a routine, things like colic, feeding every two hours, diaper changes, bottles, breast pumps, more diaper changes, crying, and lack of sleep, suddenly seem to be taking over your sleep-deprived life.  You begin to wonder if you can make it through the days and weeks ahead without going crazy.  Then something amazing happens!  You see that first smile and your heart melts.  He sleeps for 4 hours straight without waking for a bottle.  The colic disappears and crying endlessly suddenly stop. All is right with the world again.  As your little one grows, those amazing moments of discovery continue to astound us and bring us joy. Introducing your child to the world around her and watching in wonder and awe at the things she learns never ceases to bring a smile to your face.  Cherish these moments.  Let them forever be remembered as life well spent.  For life seen through the eyes of a child is a life we should all be lucky enough to be a part of.