Over the last few days, I have been so busy I was afraid I would meet myself coming and going.  I haven't really slowed down at all.  It is just a hectic time of the year around here.  Hubby works away from home and we farm as well.  So, when  hubby is gone to work, if something has to get done, guess what...  Anywho, we have been picking cotton, servicing the combine for soybean cutting, I have been working on custom orders for diapers, took part in a local fall festival, getting my son to school every day, etc.  You moms know how it is.  You never have just one thing on your plate.(If that were true, Calgon would be a very busy company!)  If you have little ones at home, little ones in school, extra curricular activities, possibly a job of your own, you feel as if you could give Superman a run for his money.  This morning as my son was getting ready for school, it was "Mom, grab my phone!" and "Mom, where's my billfold??!" or "Mom, where's my belt?", and calmy(yeah, right!) I stand in the hallway, goodies in hand trying to quickly shove him out the door as the bus horn blows(and not just any horn, a train horn).  You would think at his age he could keep up with something on his own.  Well, as most moms do, I just grin and bear it, along with the laundry, dishes, diapers, baseball, groceries......  Pull out the Supermom drawers!  It's gonna be one of those days!