I am exhausted and I haven't even gotten close to being through!  Fantastic new though:  6 testers are going out tomorrow for my new OS pattern.  Yay!  I am working on the inserts for them now.  AND, my Facebook page just hit 200 likes!!  Wow!  I would like to thank all of you for visiting and commenting on my work.  I hope to see you here on my site soon too.  Let me know if you are interested in something in particular and I will see what we can work out. 

In honor of the Facebook rally, I will sponsor a raffle on a hybrid fitted diaper.  There will be a choice of two diapers, both of which are currently listed in the Fitteds section.  "Glitterbugz" and "Avengers" are the choices.  Good luck to all who enter!
Becoming a parent is a wonderful experience.  Whether you are a first time mom, or have experienced the joy many times over, it is still a moment to be treasured.  Giving birth and holding your child for the first time, looking into those bright little eyes, you feel as if the world has stopped and you are the only two people in the world.  You can't imagine loving someone as much as you do that little person in your arms.  Then reality suddenly slaps you in the face.  After some of the new wears off and you try to settle into a routine, things like colic, feeding every two hours, diaper changes, bottles, breast pumps, more diaper changes, crying, and lack of sleep, suddenly seem to be taking over your sleep-deprived life.  You begin to wonder if you can make it through the days and weeks ahead without going crazy.  Then something amazing happens!  You see that first smile and your heart melts.  He sleeps for 4 hours straight without waking for a bottle.  The colic disappears and crying endlessly suddenly stop. All is right with the world again.  As your little one grows, those amazing moments of discovery continue to astound us and bring us joy. Introducing your child to the world around her and watching in wonder and awe at the things she learns never ceases to bring a smile to your face.  Cherish these moments.  Let them forever be remembered as life well spent.  For life seen through the eyes of a child is a life we should all be lucky enough to be a part of.
We are fighting the crud around our house, as I am sure many of you are as well. I don't take the flu shot, hate needles with a passion.  And the one time I did take the shot, I got the flu.....horribly.  After Mackenzie's one year checkup and getting 5 shots, I also chose not to schedule her for one either.  I just can't put her through that.

With the onset of fall and cooler weather, we also have to contend with "big butt syndrome".   Any of your mamas who are using cloth diapers understand the problem.  Many times the choice of cloth diapers forces us to buy clothing for our little ones that is bigger than what they would normally wear to accomodate the diapers.  Diapers are evolving though.  Many of the AI2 styles now fit much better, using fabrics that are very trim.  I am a big fan of wicking jersey and suedecloth.  Wonderful fabric choices for the inners of our AI2 and pocket diapers.  What are your favorites?  Why? Please complete the poll below to help me make better diapers available.
It feels like this has been the longest weekend and we haven't even made it through the holiday yet.  What plans have you made for the Labor Day weekend?  We had our annual family reunion from my dad's side of the family.  As usual, lots of family, and LOTS of food.  My daughter was born the Friday after our last reunion so this was her first experience.  All the noise, the kids, were very overwhelming for her.  But soon enough she was running through the room chasing everyone around.

I had a little time to sew today as well.  I ended up finishing two really great diapers.  The first is a blaze orange and camo AI2 with a suedecloth inner. On my last visit to Hancocks I really wanted to give that combination a try, but my 14 yo son talked me out of it.  Ha ha son!  I did it anyway!

The second is by request.  It is a fleece diaper with an image of Thor on the backside.  Golden yellow fleece paired with the fleece panel make for a cute fleece diaper.  I hope that the interested party likes it enought to want to take it home!

Well, that's all f