I am giving away this Mossy Oak camo diaper cover!  It is a One-Size cover in a camo print over black PUL with foldover elastic at the legs.  Dark brown Kam snaps complement the cover nicely!  Enter now for your chance to win this cover!

First of all, thank you so much for visiting my page.  I hope you find something that catches your eye and you just have to have it!

This will be a journey for me.  I did not cloth diaper my son when he was born.  As a new mom, I believe I was more concerned about getting things "right", whatever that is supposed to be. With the surprise of my daughter, I was a little older and wiser, so to speak, and some of the same things did not concern me.  This time around, the idea of cloth diapers intrigued me. The notion of being able to wash and reuse sounded absolutely fantastic, not to mention the savings over having to purchase disposable diapers, or not leaving disposable diapers to linger about 500 years in a landfill.

Please feel free to drop by and leave your own comments about your cloth diapering experiences, along with any tips, tricks, hints, etc.